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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Home is where we all live 24/7

Me at 84

I am going to make this very short.

Our skin is the outer protector from wind and rain, and as such our shelter.

Our organs, kept properly nourished, are the inner protectors from illness

Our speech, using wind to travel, shares our life experiences with others.

Ah, but it is our MIND, joined by our brain, that keeps it all together and prevents our

home from falling apart.

Our feet are the wheels of our home. Our eyes are our navigators. Our mouth is our

reciptical for fuel. Our emotions are subject to our mental navigator. (see the Blog


It is our mind, the knowledge and potential Wisdom Chief, that directs all action and


So where is HOME? It is where we live 24/7. It is expressed through our recognition,

our cognition, our wishing, sharing, loving, experimenting and experiencing. It is that

unseen vehicle that from birth, carries us forward. It is the best of supports, allowing

us to be at home where ever we are.

The purpose of healing, whether through Sacred Dance, Prayer or Meditation, is to

bring us to that quiet place where we can appreciate and recognize those instances

when we are HOME.

Enjoy and relax in your HOME. It is free, blessed, secure, and the best place ever!


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