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Updated: Mar 23

light feather = positive and heavy heaart = negative life actions

During our day to day activity we hear sounds of people talking, pleasantly or harshly; hear sirens rushing by; witnes laughter and sobbing ; along with sounds of music of all kinds and news blaring. Our responses determine for most, whether we relax, or feel irritated and it is our habits that propel us to create karma, positive or negative. Our habits become automatic and impinge on others, challenging their habitual ritual responses. It is our habits that determine our state of mind at the end of our life. Are we light as a feeather, or burdened and heavy hearted.

Years ago, and maybe even some people today will describe the poor or disenfranchised as being happy in spite of their lot, because they were observed enjoyiing laughter and togetherness. But what was not being recognized was their ability to just keep going and make due with whatever blessings that may have come their way. They learned this by developing copng skills through prayer, mutual supprt and generosity, oh, and yes through celebrating in the dance. When it is time for them to die, they can reflect with appreciation on the kindness they had experiened and the minimal karma or hardship they had inflected on others.

On the other side, it is easy to see that many Billionairs never have enough, and some will do most anything to gain more, no matter who suffers. When that habit becomes strong, the experience of suffering is just something they watch on a screen, and cannot relate to it at all. Money is good to have, but alone it cannot heal a wounded heart.

We, on planet Earth are all apart of the orchestra. We can be a part of a joyful sound or create disssononce. Sound goes out into the universe and comes right back. Let us make beutiful music together. Each of us are our own conductor.

At this very moment, for the people and the nations of the earth, may not even the names disease, famine, war, or suffering be heard. Rather may their moral conduct, merit, weath and prosperity increase. And may supreme good fortune and well being, always arise for them.

.........................................H.H.Jigdral Yeshey Dorje Rinpoche

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