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Updated: Jan 2


The Wisdom Elders say there are four experiences we all have in common, Birth, Old Age, Sickness and Death. Yet most of us focus on the periods seemingly in between those, like this thing we call life, and living..

Though this year is coming to a close, there is still time to reflect and appreciate whatever experiences 2022 has brought us.

Some women have given birth to new life. Many overcame challenges of various kinds. Maybe there were those who looked in the mirror for the first time with appreciation for the tenencity they applied to this time of life. And others proceeded to create possibilities for the year to come.

A friend of mine remembered and shared her appreciation of the SUN itself, recognizing its potency in all aspect of our lives. I often take the basic supports for our lives for granted. These elements, earth, water, fire and air, and the spiritual support reminding us of our precious and stable awareness warrant our appreciation.

How often do we sit down to a plate of food and eat without any thought of how this all came about. Let us remember the farmers, workers, truck drivers and preparers who played their part in making this pleasure possible. Let us appreciate the eating, and also the company we share the meal with, along with even the ability to sit, to digest, walk, run, laugh, and relax. These small recognitions result in a deeper appreciation of even the subtle aspects of our lives. They are often hidden reminders of our overall and greater support.

I am often reminded of an expression of Nargajuna who once said:


The first time I read this, I found it interesting. The second time I found myself pondering on its meaning. Now, I continously relfect on its profoundity in all aspects of my life, and on all life. I have a deep appreciation of the teaching in that short sentence, because it has given my life a deeper meaning and is an essential support.

May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And may the pure light within you

Guide your way on

Guide you way on*

*A dedication I learned from the Sikh Community

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