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Updated: May 16, 2022

Everything in our day to day livelihood is the result of Brown, Black, Red, Yellow and White hands working towards the same ends, that is, supporting our life in one way or another. The story of each and every person affects how OUR lives play out.

The LOGO: The Dharma Wheel within the Pyramid demonstrates the union of ANCIENT WISDOM. The three below represent Body, Speech and Mind in support of ancient Wisdom. This blog is dedicated to the discussion of said wisdom, through poetry, personal story or commentary. The four ingredients will be emphasized as steps towards a healthy results.

The enclosed French video is a direct result of the implementation of the four ingredients which I will describe:

INTENT: Many years ago as a teenager Karana Dharma aka Stanley Olivier, indicated he wanted to help others. He had no idea of how, but his intent was to be beneficial.

AGREEMENT: He had a curiosity about different belief systems and began by entering a course on Buddhist systems of belief.

INTERVENTION: Having found this particular program of study fit the way his mind works, he took vows of fellowship, which included as its base to benefit all beings, and study oneself in order to succeed in that effort. Thus he entered into study through meditation practices of contemplation, analysis, mantra, and relaxation of the busy mind.

MAINTENANCE: This practice continued from his youth to adult where he decided to get a Masters in Conflict Transformation at the University of Notre Dame. He had already received his undergraduate degree in Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara, followed by extensive study of the French language.

APPRECIATION: The video shows one result of his intent as having reached fruition, which is evident. It gives demonstration of his invention of small windmills to make electricity available to those in need. He began by first training graduates from engineering schools in Africa to make these windmills. They in turn will take this training to their villages.

The ingredients of THE HEALING DANCE & YOU directly relate to your INTENT AND ABILITIES.

There will be no obstacle in my effort to bring benefit regardless of age, belief, or disability.

The methods of application are wholistic, logical, sensible, and based on compassion.


This area requires a little soul searching. Sometimes our intent is vague, which means the results will be hard to recognize. So be as specific as possible.

Do you want change on your physical,

verbal, or mental / emotional level?

Be honest with yourself. You know where your wants are.


In order to heal oneself, there has to be an agreement to do what is required for this to come

about. Asking for help is not enough if doors to the prescription are closed.

Sign on the doted line of YES I CAN do what is required. Then all things are possible.


So far everything is verbal, now we get a little more serious about the fun we are about to

explore intent and ability. Usually solutions are very simple, but we often complicate

them by overthinking. Let's play with several possibilities, some of which

you may already be doing.


Trust what you have put into action and go deeper into the wisdom aspects of each intervention, while keeping your intent very clear.


Your unrecognized appreciation for your abilities for self-healing are now able to be seen directly without smoke screens. This will allow you to recycle your gifts to yourself and others.

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