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Updated: May 15, 2022

Photo by Andre Amaral


There are many ways to factor crossing over. We are leaving the year of 2021 and arriving at what's next in 2022. But does time really exist as a fact or just a manipulation of our experience to give our mind a sense of wonder and ease?

In the science world, according to Google, "the term Crossing Over is the swapping of genetic material that occurs in the germ line. During the formation of egg and sperm cells, also known as meiosis, paired chromosomes from each parent align so that similar DNA sequences from the paired chromosomes cross over one another". Ah, the beginning of life as we know it! Of Course we don't remember this phase, along with many others. Phases like infancy, toddler, adolescent, etc come and go, They are often just passing reflections. Usually we depend on others to refresh our memories of past experiences.

In the Blogs, we spent time on the importance of both our Intent as a foundation for future possibilities and on areas of Agreement as our commitment to push forward with that Intent. But everything was a verbal exploration. Now we get a little more serious about the fun we are about to experience. After all it may be exciting and fun to move forward into the unknown, but it can also be a little scary.

In the last Blog: The Bridge, many metaphors were used that some readers have missed, assuming they were literal references. Maybe reading the Bible Psalm 23 can be an aide to understanding the samples used in that Blog. Oil was referred to as a medicine to reduce emotional turmoil, and again used as an agent of blessings. So when one's "cup runneth over" with oil/blessings, a calmer mind results in an ability to recognize teachings and the Teacher, referred to in the Blog as The Bridge. The Teacher will play a pivotal part in this Blog of Interventions.

So Crossing Over is a journey, and many journeys are often unrecognized, because the journey itself, potentially, can be very distracting. In all journeys there is the illusion of crossing over from one side to another. The illusion is found in the person who is in process. Spoken in another way, it is the experience within the person, not the traveling itself, that is sometimes unrecognized. It is the person learning or not learning, while in the experience of the journey, and also the person receiving teachings from many sources, namely from Teachers.

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Read Rinpoche’s new essay, An Aspiring Tantrika’s Tale.

Source KF FOCUs January 2022

"The memory of my first journey was the listening and feeling my mother as she sang and danced. It was joyous! I was in utero at the time". .........haqqika

The quality of life depends not upon external development or material progress, but upon the inner development of peace happiness....................Teachings by the Sublime Teacher

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