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Updated: May 15, 2022

Artist - Kunzang Cho Dron

Intervention - 4

In my travels of prayerful systems, each, Protestant, Catholic, Sufi, Native American, Dagara (Burkina Fosso) and Buddhist, had its own relationship with ritual. Of course each was specific to their historic experience and felt its own to be the best of all. I actually found each one beneficial in specific ways. After my exploration, use, and deep study and comittment to each, I recognized, that on some level there were similarities. Some would argue with this assessment. However, each sought to bring benefit to their membership, offered companionship, education, as well as support where needed, and focused on a Wisdom aspect, beyond themselves.

We all involve ourselves in ritual as part of our ancestral memory. Our common physical ancestry can be shown by identifying the appearance of the one thing that is the same in everyone, the pupil in the eye. It is the exact same in each and everyone. Sometimes referred to as the window to the soul. In concert with that sameness, is the use of that pupil which allows us to see the universe around us.

The ritual arises from our trying to remember what was seen, and in that, there may be differences, based on our life experience.

But what does remembering mean? Again for each of us, we all remember the same subject. That is the PAST. No matter how we describe it, it is still what has come before and is now gone.

In trying to recapture the past, our rituals include storytelling, cooking, drama, dance, masks, ceremonies, and song. Each of which includes some level of ritual. But, unfortunately none of it can bring the past into the abiding present and so why not use the present to prepare for the future. For the future has one experience that weagain all share in common, and that is impermanence. This life as we know it will end in death, and we will be the guest of honor in that final ritual.

No matter how wonderful the past has been, or the present is now, all good and difficult experiences come to an end. This is why it is important to remember ritual. What's helpful, is to create rituals that can support beneficial endings, not just for ourselves, but for our communities and families as well.

Please think on this, and click the link below for a little ritual:

To end is not to forget, especially those currently suffering:

For the people and the nations of the earth

May not even the names disease, famine, war, and suffering exist,

Rather may their moral conduct, merit, wealth and prosperity increase,

And may supreme good fortune and well being always arise for them.


...............HH Jigdral Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche

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