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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The beginning is a continuous process. I began this Blog over a year ago with the importance of one's intent. My intent was to share information I prayed would be beneficial for others. Your feedback has supported my intent. So actually one's initial positive intent is what can end in one's appreciation. The dance is simply the recognition of our many movements from one cycle to another, but we are still the one dancing.

Maat is a constant, not a changing. Maat is simply call to recognition. It is a call to wake up and be aware of our potential, within. Sometimes with non-recognition we dance around that call. But at some point our heart speaks, and the inner drummer calls us home. Home is Maat. Maat is your potential, allowing its natural expression, which has the effect of benefitting oneself and others.

This is the natural nature of our existence. Often times we confuse the natural, and instead seek that which we must try to become, like the dog chasing its own tail. THE HEALING DANCE was gifted to me by my natural expression, which I named as Other at the time, because of projecting, and not recognizing.

We all have gifts we give to ourselves. For example, if it is you who embraces it, and you who recognizes it, it must be an aspect inseparable from your own natural expression, in short, you. Not the little you that many of us spend our time with, no, its a hidden natural aspect, waiting for acknowledgement, and finally being recognized, and appreciated.

it is also the genetic you, ancestors of the seeming past, who are also your nature. Ancestors given a voice, and coming alive through your natural expressions in THE HEALING DANCE. This is why this blog was named THE HEALING DANCE AND YOU. You the reader and I the writer are part of my natural ancestral and DNA expression. You are part of my dance, and of my written choreography in each and every Blog.

I have deep appreciation of your joining me in this, THE


Thank you!

I dedicate this issue to a dear friend, White Eagle, aka CC Cayette, who recently joined the Wisdom Ancestor. She was a major support of THE HEALING DANCE for PEACE, which i offered for ten years to the public, at Angels Gate Park in San Pedro.

May the sound of our rhythms echo an appreciation of life and dance echos of awareness

that drown sorrow.

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