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intent - part 4

Each of the preceeding blogs have focused on one of the five Ingredients*. The main focus has been on intent, but in the last blog we also included other aspects, Agreement, and Intervention, more specifically. In talking about Covid 19 that was unavoidable. Because of bringing a focus more broadly, it seems natural to continue, thus today’s subject of Our World.

Here too, we will include these three Ingredients. It is the nature of things when including others in conversation, that one topic may cover many subjects, and also may even include travel to many places. This usually adds to an otherwise boring conversation.

Our conversations have expanded, even in the environment of mask wearing, to the ever present digital technology and Zoom experiences. From office buildings, and homes people are visiting with others living in other cities. states, and countries. But in spite of the widening of our social and intellectual knowledge, our environmental wisdom is still, for the most part, laboring in the sleep of ignorance. Many assume the earth will replenish itself, and fertilize the planet with trash of cans, glass, wire, plastic, etc. Fortunately, there are some people who have the tanicity to deal with their disrespected environment, in creative ways.

I was told that years ago, the workers on the Oil Barges, would throw the barrels overboard, into the ocean, once emptied. They barrels would end up on the coasts of Trinidad. The Trinidadians, in their genius, decided to do something in addition to complaints about it. It was due to their creative skills, the Steel Drums became instruments of beautiful music for everyone's enjoyment.** In this case a benefit arose out of potential harm.

The film below shows another example of the African ingenuity for your awareness, in one part of our world (click on watch on YouTube to see the video):

In countries where everyone speaks one language, the culture is anticipated to be uniform and thus in agreement with how to dwell together. Whereas, in the United States, where there are many languages, one would expect more variety in problem solving. What we find in fact is that the world in general though dealing with similar problems and solutions, thus far have not worked so well. Is this the reason that at the present time 90+ percent of people all over the world are immagrants, having been pushed out of their ancestral lands due to impacts of war, tornados, floods, and fires?

Added to the immagration impact, our oceans and rural areas have also become recepticles for nuclear and other unwanted waste. People are expected to reside within these new gardens of trash. Schools, and housing units are built along side or on top of toxic places, which secondarily creates a variety of health issues. So what are you and me to do about all this?? This is our world, yours and mine.

Is there a solution? Listen closely and you will hear how some of us feel about it:

#USAForAfrica #WeAreTheWorld #Vevo

U.S.A. For Africa - We Are the World (Official Video)

Maybe now you intend to give more energy towards saving the planet. But first here is something to support that energy and bringing it forward.

Thank you for your presence on this Blog! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

*Ingredients: Part of THEHEALINGDANCEANDYOU format: Intent; Agreement; Intervention; Maintainance; and Apreciation.

**Story shared by owner of ARCABE CONSTRUCTION

***Congolese people wear clothes from garbage to raise ... › UTube

****U.S.A. For Africa - We Are the World (Official VIDEO) YOUTUBE

*****Wake Up Everybody HAROLD MELVIN and the BLUE NOTES - YOUTUBE

Both films, recordings are available on YouTube.

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