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Agreement 1.5

As we leave 2021 and move on to new experiences in 2022, it is worth the energy to explore the

concept of bridges. Bridges is not simply my family name, but more importantly an expression

of crossing over from one side to another. I guess the word is plural because we required many

bridges to get over our troubled waters.

source: Franklin’s teaspoon of oil – the Royal Society of Chemistry,https%3A// Open this link

'Troubled Waters' is a term mentioned in song and in cultural frameworks to express emotional turbulence, or frustration of any kind leading to a sustained sense of imbalance. It is the nervous system within our own body that is troubled, and of course since the body is more than 60 percent liquid, troubled waters and a body and mind out of balance, which also leads to potential symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, headache, high blood pressure, and/or poor digestion, etc.

According to some ancient resources such as those of Rome, and even research by Benjamin Franklin, just a drop of oil can calm troubled waters (as the picture reflects). But one should ask, 'what kind and how much oil'? In this case we are only referring to one drop of oil which can add a calming effect.

In the Tibetan tradition, often when someone is out of sorts emotionally, it is spoken of as erratic winds. The remedy for this is to eat meat (which as you know is oily) or a source of fat, like raw egg or cheese (which again are oily). I have at times had to try this and found to my surprise, there was/is some truth to this therapeutic application. But it is limited and therefore not the kind of bridge that is most beneficial.

For a bridge to be of best use, it has to be sturdy, supportive, safe, and a passage from one side to another. Sturdy enough to support whatever weight is applied. Supportive in providing kindness and help to someone in need. Safe in being a constant protector against danger. And a passage from a state of instability to one of absolute balance based on tried and tested unchanging wisdom. It is the wisdom that both anoints with the oil that calms the emotions and is also the bridge that takes us across to the other side of our own confusion.

The bridge is also the method and can be called the Teacher. Whenever we wanted to learn anything or to be helped past personal conflict, we have turned to some person, book, or method, that would aide us as a bridge to the other side. The source that leads, helps, instructs, introduces us to a change that is possible or beneficial. is also known as the Teacher.

Look within yourself and remember to be grateful to your teachers. Then recognize and take a few minutes to check out the teacher within yourself. Now anoint yourself with oil!


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