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Updated: May 15, 2022

Part 2

Even when the intent looks good and safe, those who agree will determine what is possible. We

often consider only the person signing on the dotted line as the one in agreement. Actually, that

signature represents years of influence by family, friends, and positive or negative life experiences,

along with belief systems, which results in even more variables. The way we think through things

results in some action or intent. Dreaming plays a part in this.

Very often dreams are spoken of in the context of sleep, but even in the daytime there is dreaming.

One dreams of what kind of job, mate, or vacation they may want. The dream is accompanied by all

sorts of experiences that can be very vivid, to the point that one forgets its just imagination playing

out and gets fixated on the dream as reality. Forgetting this is simply a dream, ones' intention and

those becoming part of the dream may seem to be all mixed together, with one fantasy following

another. This can result in many interdependent circumstances of joy or sorrow, depending on the

awareness of those involved. Unless you are one of the rare privileged few, with highly developed

awareness, you and I both are involved in dreaming. This is not such a terrible thing if we recognize

it, and acknowledge all things change within each millisecond. In fact, this recognition allows for

flexibility in each of our agreements.

In addition, the originator of the intent and their influences play a significant part. Saying Yes I can is

only the beginning of the transaction. Another consideration is the clarity by which the intent was

spelled out. The originator of the computer, for instance, Charles Baggage in 1833, worked on it for

40 years and most likely had some helpers along the way, but it was not completed until 1943 by

others. No one who worked on its analytic process had any idea it would be the most active and

demanded device of the 21st century. Neither did any of those, who agreed to work on it, could have

dreamed its creation would be used in calculating things from complicated arithmetic to the creation

of the atom bomb. Agreements can result in infinite possibilities. All along the process are

interdependent circumstances that can end in surprising results.

The interdependent circumstances can be controlled to some degree but there are others which will

still surprise us. It's how we handle the surprises that require lifestyle preparation. These include

examples such as losing funding, family crises, and health challenges. Most of these examples can be

resolved through consultations with experts in those specific fields. There is one area, however, that

may be just under the radar, but, when it arises, it directly adds to the disruption of the agreement

process. Unresolved emotions and instability may occur from our lack of self=awareness. These can

change the Yes I can to. ‘’No I won't crises in the once agreed upon process. At that point, it is

important to realize that all things do change within the space of time. Spaciousness allows for

change, and we all exist in space as such. Space IS the receptacle for everything possible.

In a May 5, 2013 article published by The Lion’s Roar, titled “Understanding Emptiness and Interdependence”

( (the Karmapa writes

"Because of this, we should not mistake emptiness for nothingness. On the contrary, emptiness is full of potency. Understood correctly, emptiness inspires optimism, rather than pessimism, because it reminds us of the boundless range of possibilities of who we can become and how we can live.

Interdependence and emptiness show us that there are no fixed starting points. We can start from nothing.

Whatever we have, wherever we are—that is the place we can start from. Many people have the idea that they

lack what they need to start working toward their dreams. They feel they do not have enough power, or they do

not have enough money. But they should know that any point is the right starting point. This is the perspective

that emptiness opens. We can start from zero.

In fact, emptiness can be compared to the concept and function of zero. Zero may seem like nothing, but as we

all know, everything starts from it. Without zero, our computers would collapse. Without zero, we could not

start counting from one up to infinity. In the same way, from emptiness, anything and every- thing can manifest


Possibilities are endless. This is why we don’t give up even when the odds may seem against

our creative ideas. One person’s intent is often another’s dream surfacing. Our intuition is

perhaps only our projection of latent ideas which are now coming forward because the

circumstances make it possible. How is it possible that the ancient people of the Dogon tribe

of West Africa, identified the twin star Sirius before the telescope? And what did the Ancient

Kemetic people mean when they used the zero to indicate the space between things? And

what did the ancient people of India mean when referring to zero, in their explanation of the

most profound, and beyond words.

The presentation of a Buddhist view on the subject is also worth the time to listen to. I

recommend the The Stem Array - Gaṇḍavyūha by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

This subject on Intent and Agreement is a very deep subject actually. So, some have come up

with a great idea they suggest before making any changes. They suggest that first, it is a

good idea to pray on the subject before any advancement. Many might agree that this is a

good idea.

May your agreement and mine result in a good cause for rejoicing.

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